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Preschool Curriculum

Our philosophy of education stems from the idea that young children learn best through creative play. The early years of life are important in terms of learning, exploring, and creating. This is the beginning of a child’s education and helps to foster a love of learning. To that end it is important that a child is in a loving, caring and nurturing environment where he or she experiences approval and acceptance.

Through theme centers, circle time, creative play, direct instruction, and story-telling, children will experience creative thinking activities. These activities also encourage children to use their five senses, which is also very important to develop at a young age. The program will encourage the children to experiment, play, and explore their world to broaden their background knowledge needed to begin their formal education. Our environment will also allow children to learn through socializing, sharing, friendships and cooperation.

There are many topics that may be taught through centers, group time, circle time, and/or direct instruction. Lists of some of the topics used as guidelines are as follows:

SCIENCE: five senses, weather, human body, recycling, shadows, plants, experimentation, dinosaurs, rocks, space, magnets, etc.

ART: use of glue, stencils, scissors, paper, paints, clay, dough, markers, crayons, chalk, and a variety of other materials to make creative projects.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT: language skills, conversation, cooperative play, social skills, responsibilities, problem solving, conflict resolution, needs of others, group decision-making, self-concept, etc.

HEALTH: taking care of their body as a whole including, but not limited to: dental, nutrition, exercise, grooming, safety and injury prevention, mental and emotional well being, community and environment.


  • Speaking and listening: stories, puppet shows, directions, play, show and tell, telling stories, etc.
  • Reading: quiet time with books, picture books, shared/paired reading, and learning about books (left to right, page to page), Frontline Phonics Program, etc.
  • Writing: learning to manipulate writing objects, pretend writing and tracing, etc.
  • Other: rhyming, opposites, alphabet, etc.

MATHEMATICS: Shapes, reproducing and continuing patterns, puzzles, number recognition and counting by rote, etc.

SOCIAL STUDIES: books, plays, puppet shows, globe, citizenship, multicultural activities, etc.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: singing, dancing, instruments, cooperative skills, etc.

CIRCLE TIME: group time for sharing, talking, listening, stories, discussing, singing, weather, languages, and much more.

DIRECT TEACHING TIME: teacher directed activities that include following directions and following through with projects, etc.

ABC Magic Moments does not guarantee that every topic listed here will be taught or learned. This is a guideline; not a guarantee.


This is an example of a typical day for two years old through Pre-Kindergarten:

7:30am to 8:00am: Arrival hour, breakfast. Learning centers are open and accessible to children, i.e., blocks, legos, play dough, drawing, cutting, gluing, games, etc.

8:30am to 11.15am: free play, morning snack, group time and appropriate academics, i.e., stories, music, drama, science, cooking, arts and crafts, numbers, shapes, alphabet, practice fine and gross motor skills, Frontline Phonics, etc.

11:15am to Noon: Outdoor play, jungle gym, skipping, tricycles, sand box, etc.

Noon to 3:00pm: Healthy and nutritional lunches served family style after hand washing. Brushing teeth, reading books, napping or resting.

3:00pm to 3:30pm: Wake up/Snack time.

3:30pm to 4:15pm: Circle time, music & movement, dancing, singing, games, reading, drama, etc.

4.15pm to 6.00pm: Outdoor play/ departure.

All means of teaching cannot be expressed on paper. It is the bond between a teacher and a student that makes learning a magical experience. If teaching is done right, it will leave a yearning in each child to learn more every day. Positive experiences in early education are a must if your child is going to enjoy learning for the rest of his/her life. ABC Magic Moments will strive to better ensure that this will be the experience that your child will have. We are dedicated to providing excellent care and education to EVERY child that attends our Pre School.


Maroof Mendez

ABC Magic Moments Pre School


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