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ABC Magic Moments Full Day Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Magic


JULY 2018


In July and August we plan on offering 8 weeks of Summer camps. This month we are offering the following Camps:

·          Week 1 – Week beginning July 5th Curious Scientists

·         Week 2 - Week beginning July 9th Music Around The world

·          Week 3 – Week beginning July 16th   – Chefology

  • Week 4 – Week beginning July 23rd   – Community Helpers


*I would like to thank everyone who came to our Year 2018 Graduation Ceremony and end of year festivities. The children all worked very hard to show their families some of their favorite songs and dancing skillsJ. It appeared that all of the children & families had fun. Your child and Staff appreciate all the support and participation you provide here at ABC Magic Moments Preschool.

*WelcomeJ, to ALL the children and families recently enrolled at ABC Magic Moments Preschool & Kindergarten. We plan on having a wonderful year filled with many magical momentsJ.

*Procedures on signing your child IN & OUT every day include certain requirements that must be strictly followed Please Sign your child IN/OUT EVERY day using your FULL legal signature. If you DO NOT sign in then that means your child is not legally in attendance therefore we do not have custody of your child while in our care. (State Law). PLEASE work with us in maintaining a facility that follows all laws and regulations pertaining to your child’s well being.

*We discourage cell phone use once you are at the school; remember to give your child the attention s/he requires. J

*When leaving the school PLEASE, take your child by the hand until your child is safely fastened into the car seat. Do not allow your child to run out into the parking lot or the street. Parents/guardians picking up a child are the ONLY people who are allowed to open the door leading out to the Parking area.


We NEVER allow a child to open a door leading to the outside; we trust that you will also abide by this crucial safety rule. As always we appreciate your support.

*Please bring a new toothbrush, a box of Kleenex and sunscreen to school for your child. I would like to thank those of you who have already done so.

*We encourage you to Wash your hands and your child’s hands when leaving the school. This very small task decreases the spread of cold and flu bugs significantly. By helping ABC Magic Moments observe good health standards; parents will not only be protecting children but themselves too. Therefore, you can go to work and your child can attend schoolJ


* Parents make sure that there is a full set of a change of appropriate clothes for your child in his/her cubby, including a sunhat! Please return any clothes that belong to the school.


* We strive to be partners with you and your child’s life. Please, please take a few minutes to read newsletters and remember to log on to our website for any additional information (i.e. calendar updates, newsletters, menu plans, lesson plans etc…). Our website address is   


Remember ALL updates, notices; memos etc. are ALWAYS posted for your convenience by the sign in/out station.



© ABC Magic Moments