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ABC Magic Moments Full Day Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Magic




August 2018


In August we plan on offering the following Summer camps.

  • Week 5 –– Creative Artists  - Week beginning July 30th

·         Week 6 –- Animal Discoveries - Week beginning August 6th Special Animal Presentation on Friday 10th August – Furs, Scales & Tales. Some of the animals the children will see and get to touch are: Baby Chicks, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Turtles, Snakes, Ducks, Tortoises, Lizards, Tarantulas, Roosters, Hermit Crabs, Frogs, Chickens, Hairless Rats, and More!

  • Week 7 –  Let’s Go Around The World - Week beginning August 13th
  • Week 8 - ABC Magic Moments Summer Olympics – Week beginning August 20th. Our Summer Olympics is on Friday 24th August AT 10.00 am, at the Irvington Community Park, bring your own family picnic, your own chair and blanketJ

Since Teachers have to prepare for the new school year and the Fall semester begins Monday 27th August every child will go home after ABC Magic Moments Summer Olympics and Family picnic!




*We would like to invite parents/guardians (No Children please) to come and experience ‘A day in the life of your child’. This event will be held on Wednesday 12th September @ 7.00 p.m.  (Please save the date).


PLEASE pick up your Preschooler by 5 pm, allowing teachers to prepare for this very important event!


We ask that at least one parent/guardian attends for every child. This fun filled informative evening will provide you with vital information in terms of our Preschool’s goals, objectives, curriculum, expectations, assessment plans etc... A sign-up sheet will be posted about one week prior!


* ‘A day in the life of your child’ event for Parents of incoming Kinders enrolled at ABC Magic Moments Kindergarten is on Wednesday 29th August @ 6.30 pm. Please save the date!


*Tuition is ALWAYS due by the last working Friday of EVERY month. 


*We have observed that parents/guardians are NOT taking care when entering & exiting the school! When entering and/or exiting you MUST CLOSE the door securely behind you!! When leaving the school PLEASE, take your child by the hand until your child is safely fastened into the car seat. Do not allow your child to run out into or play in the parking area or the street. Parents/guardians picking up a child are the ONLY people who are allowed to open the door leading out to the Parking area. We NEVER allow children to open doors leading to the outside! Please remember young children (siblings) MUST not be left in a vehicle unsupervised even for a moment! (STATE LAW) We trust that you will also abide by the above mentioned safety rules to assist us in maintaining a safe environment for ALL children!


*Every child that attends ABC Magic Moments Preschool & Kindergarten is gifted one school T-shirt!


We ask that you have your child wear this T- shirt on Spirit days, that is Friday of every week and on special school events, for example Our Summer Olympics! If you wish to purchase additional child sized T-shirts then the cost is $15.00 each!


If you wish to purchase a T-shirt for yourself then the cost is $20.00 each!  Please see me if you wish to purchase T-shirts.


*We strive to be partners with you and your child’s life. Please, please take a minute to read newsletters and remember to log on to our website for any additional information (i.e. calendar updates, newsletters, menu plans, lesson plans etc…). Our website address is Remember ALL updates, notices; memos etc. are ALWAYS posted for your convenience by the sign in/out station.


Parenting Tips: Enjoy reading daily with your child. At ABC Magic Moments there is a strong curricular focus on language development which accommodates varying levels of language proficiency. Some of the languages spoken by the staff and children include: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, French, Panjabi, Bengali, Hindi…. All children are encouraged to read by discovering meaning in pictures, symbols, and print. Teachers ensure the availability of a range of picture and story books in the reading area. Verbal storytelling and reading are also components of the daily schedule. Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and dictate their thoughts and stories after an activity. Teachers write down these messages and display such experiential charts on the walls for the children to re-visit their experiences and "read" what they had dictated. Children are also encouraged to write by assigning meaning to their own symbols through pretend writing and invented spellings. Thus, language development is reinforced across the spoken, written and visual dimensions.





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