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ABC Magic Moments Full Day Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Magic

MAY 2018 








*Reader’s Workshop:  We have been focusing on using the different skills and strategies we have learned this year to read more challenging books.


*Writer’s Workshop:  We will be focusing on writing All About books.  The children are learning to write a table of contents and then chapters for their books.  We have focused on the structure of a sentence and being sure we start with a capital, have spaces between our words and end with a period. 


*Math:  We are working on addition and subtraction.  We have practiced different ways to make numbers, for example, 3+2=5 and 1+4=5.  We are working on our math facts to 5 and how to write number sentences.





*Our Kindergarten celebration will be on Thursday June 15th.  We will begin at 9:00 am in the classroom, followed by a slide show and then walk to the park to have fun with friends.  The day will begin at 9:00am!  This is a short day and parents are to attend school with their child.




*ABC Magic Moments Kindergarten will be


closed in observation of Memorial Day on Monday 29th May. Please mark your calendars!




*Our next scheduled Parent Teacher Conference will be held on Friday 25th May, please mark your calendar! (Kindergarten will be closed for the children) Sign-up sheets will be posted May 7th.


 * Our Annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic – for the children will be held on Friday 1st June! Please have your child bring their favorite stuffed animal for the picnic on this day. ABC Magic Moments will take care of all picnic food items. This event is for enrolled children only!




* Each year during the month of May, teachers and staff working with young children are honored for one week to acknowledge their skills and dedication to the Teaching Field. Teacher Appreciation Week’ is May 7th to May 11th. Purple is the national color for Early Childhood Teachers, therefore please have your child wear purple and/or white to Preschool on Friday 11th May.




*Parents, please make sure your child has the appropriate change of clothes in his/her baggy, that is, pants, sweatshirt, shorts, T-shirt, socks, sun hat, etc..




*The warm and sunny weather is upon us so please remember to sunscreen your child before arriving at kindergarten.


We will sunscreen your child for the afternoon playtime ONLY.




*We ask that your child come to kindergarten in either tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes for safety reasons. (No sandals or crocs)




*It is YOUR responsibility to update any contact information that changes immediately!







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